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Advisory Board

Dr. Andreas Altorfer

Dr. phil., psychologist, managing director and museum director of the Psychiatry Museum Berne, Stab Med. Dienst, Arbeitsgruppenleiter Forschung

Cornelia Christen

Member of the Executive Board, Head of Residential Home, Solodaris Foundation, Olten

Sylvia Frei

lic. jur. Attorney

Helen Hirsch

M.A. art historian, director and curator, Kunstmuseum Thun

Dr. Monika Jagfeld

Dr. phil., Director Kunstmuseum Lagerhaus St. Gallen, Curator Outsider Art, Art Brut, Naive Art, Board Member of the European Outsider Art Association (EOA)

Dr. Olaf Knellessen

Dr. phil., Head of Psychoanalysis Seminar Missing Link, Zurich, Supervisor

Dr. Alfred Künzler

Dr. phil., psychotherapist, trainer, teaching therapist and supervisor, Head of the Swiss Mental Health Network Coordination Office, FOPH

Markus Landert

lic. phil., art historian, director of Kartause Ittingen

Prof. Dr. Katrin Luchsinger

Dr. phil. Art historian, research area art and psychology/psychiatry, initiator of Atelier Inklusiv, professor at the Zurich University of the Arts

Dr. Alexandra Plettenberg

Initiator Living Museum Graz, author and editor. Monographs on artists of the Living MuseumNew York. Many years of art therapy work in the Schizophrenia Research Unit at the NY Psychiatric Institute. Since 2004 collaboration at the Living Museum New York.

Prof. Stefan Ribler

Lecturer in Social Work, OST- Ostschweizer Fachhochschule St. Gallen, initiator of the cultural cycle Kontrast für Kunstschaffende mit einer Beeinträchtigung, FH St. Gallen, head of the Betula Institute, Romanshorn,

Marianne Schwyn

Trustee for the Hans and Marianne Schwyn Foundation, member of the Board of Directors of Schwyn Immobilien AG, member of the Board of the associattion Kinderbetreuung Thurgau and author of the book “Littenheid-von der Geschichte gestreift” (2018).

Prof. Dr. Erich Seifritz

Psychiatrist, Member of the Board of Directors of the St. Gallen Psychiatric Association, Wyss Private Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Münchenbuchsee, Member of the Board of the Medical Society, SGSPP and SGPP, Head of the Psychiatric University Hospital Zurich (PUK), Professor of Psychiatry at the University Hospital Zurich.

Franca Weibel

Peer worker, founder of Trialog and Antistigma Switzerland

Prof. Dr. Günther Wüsten

Psychotherapist and social pedagogue, hypnotherapist, University of Applied Sciences Olten, CAS artistic and cultural competences in psychosocial practice


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