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International Living Museum Academy

The International Living Museum Academy offers training to become a certified Living Museum Director. As a Living Museum Director, you may either apply to a Living Museum Director job opening at an existing location, or open your own Living Museum with support from the International Living Museum Association ILMA.

The syllabus consists of practical work, a personal study portfolio and can also embedded in academic research projects:

  • Practical work in one of the international Living Museums either full- or part-time. Depending on location, training is offered as a paid internship to qualifying candidates
  • Each person will be given a “HowtoLivingMuseum” study portfolio
  • Research can be conducted in the Living Museum as part of the training, or study papers can be written for training institutes. Supervision by Living Museum Directors with academic backgrounds and track record is also available

Upon successful completion of the training, trainees receive a Living Museum Director Certificate. A jury of the Living Museum Society decides on the awarding of the certificates, which are handed over once a year in a festive ceremony.

The Living Museum Society consists of the board of the Living Museum Association Switzerland, which deals with and communicates the international issues. The Living Museum Directors Certificate enables the successful graduates to be employed in a Living Museum or to establish and manage a Living Museum themselves.

  • Access to the international Living Museum Directors Association
  • Coaching and supervision by the Living Museum Society
  • Access to relevant information and files
  • Access to financial support once a candidate intends to establish a Living Museum and if that person’s application for financial support is accepted by the Living Museum Society.

The Living Museum network is growing steadily as more and more Living Museums are established in mental health institutions or independently around the world.

This means that the number of jobs for Living Museum Directors is growing. Integrated in a global network, the possibilities for individual horizon broadening are very diverse.

  • Relevant theoretical and professional work experience and background (e.g. in art, psychology, psychiatry, art therapy, social work, social pedagogy)
  • A completed basic education
  • Practical research and experience in one of the existing Living Museums (a minimum of 4 months full-time or 1 year part-time)
  • Supervision by an accredited Living Museum Director
  • Decision by the Living Museum Academy Jury that the candidate meets the requirements.
  • Promotional decision by the Living Museum Society Board of Directors.

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