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TransUtopia is an international art movement of the Living Museums worldwide. The aim is to network artists with mental illness across national borders. Inspired by the interactive exchange via social media and the creation of futuristic artworks, all participants collectively create blueprints for a positive future – for themselves – for others – for us. That sounds utopian? No – on the contrary – it is transUtopian.

What does the word TransUtopia mean?

The word Utopia stands for visionary visions of the future by artists with or without mental illness who can have a concrete but also utopian character. The Living Museum itself is already anchored in parts of our society as a concrete utopia and is to be further disseminated in many cities and countries. The prefix Trans has several levels of meaning and stands for the transformation of our life and becoming, for the stretching and crossing of borders, but also for the transcontinental networking with artists as well as the cooperation with the Living Museums South Korea, USA, Holland and Switzerland, which were guests at the Transutopia vernissage 2017 in Wil.

Gigantic art universe for all senses on 13,225 m3, shown at the exhibition in September 2017.

Artists of the Living Museums USA, Switzerland, Holland, Korea.

To connect mentally ill artists worldwide and to create ideas of a more human world is the central idea of TransUtopia 2017. Their authentic art has the potential to change our society. For the first time, historical art treasures from the clinic’s archive were shown publicly and combined with visionary installations and works of art. Transutopia continues to develop. Participate!

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