Dr Rose Ehemann, President's Office

Since 2002 director of the Ateliers-Living Museum of Psychiatrie St. Gallen Nord, Switzerland, art director Ateliers Tagesstätte, Heimstätten Wil, Switzerland. Lecturer. Founding member

Magdalena Steinemann, finances

Born and raised in Switzerland, several internships at the Living Museum Wil and the Living Museum New York between 2004 and 2013, director of the Café Living Museum from January 2015 to February 2016, Master of Sciece in psychology, yoga teacher, psychotherapist (i.A.) Founding member

Lenka Roth, Network and Communications

Art and design therapist + graphic designer Since 2016 director of the Open Art Studio BBK in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland

Hans Peter Hug, Network and Communication

Formerly member of the executive board of Psychiatrie St. Gallen Nord, "President St.Gallischer Hilfsverein SGHV, Foundation Board Heimstätten Wil SG".

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