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Art Asylums For People With Mental Illnesses:
Living Museums As The Fourth Revolution in Psychiatry
After taking off the chains of the mentally ill, invention of talk therapy and medication which enabled hospitals to give more freedom to the patients the fourth revolution targeted the change in identity: from a patient to an artist in an art asylum that provides social warmth.
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Healing Aspects of The Arts
Art is therapy. Art is a guarantee of sanity. The change of identity from being one who is mentally ill to being an artist is the most important aspect of healing. Art making leads to the reduction of stress and anxiety.And in many cases even to catharsis. Hope arises from the process.
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Identity Change:
From a Person With Mental Illness to an Artist
Mental illness can be seen as the motor for creativity. Many people with mental illness have access to the universe, where the angels fly. That's great fuel for art. A change of identity of a traumatized person to that of an artist is the most important objective of the Living Museum. Through this change of identity, empowerment and recovery will take place.
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Recovery and Social Change in the Living Museum Community
New concepts have to arise in psychiatry. To create the new let’s learn from the old. Many aspects of the asylums should be revisited. Art can play a major role. Simply stated, modern art and mental illness almost completely overlap. Extreme creativity is a symptom of mental illness. Let’s rely on art in the treatment with people with mental illness.
We are celebrating individual differences. We are celebrating those aspects of your vulnerability that make you a miserable person outside in the world as your strength and we change your identity to that of an artist. And we celebrate the fact that you had experiences other people did not have. So in this way: Art is the solution, art is the way to go.
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Spread Out The Living Museum Philosophy
The vision of the project is that mentally ill people will be united. This process has already begun to grow. The Living Museum is an art movement around the globe.
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Mushrooming of Art Asylums All Over The World
Let’s assume that art asylums mushroom all over the world, creating utopian spots where the outside world comes to enjoy cultural events. The visitors integrate with the mentally ill.
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Dr. Janos Marton, The Living Museum New York.
Where it All Began
With his grandious visions and his generosity he transformed the lifes of many Living Museum artists, volunteers, workers and students. His ability to give trust in everybodys strengths let individuals grow and blossom. He won one of the biggest antistigma awards, the Dr. Guislain Award in Ghent, Belgium in 2015.
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Living Museum Alb

The Living Museum Alb has now been able to move into all floors and offers studios for artists with a mental or cognitive impairment as...

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