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Our Vision

Integrate society into the Artists' world

The destigmatization of people with mental illnesses is our heart’s concern. We fight against discrimination and exclusion of affected persons and for meaningful activities in art and culture. 

Our vision is to build Living Museums in many places. Due to the stabilizing effect for those affected and the lean organisational structure, Living Museums have the potential to relieve the financial burden on health care systems and enliven culture and society with countless works of art from all areas of art.

Our Mission

Bring out the creative potential of people with mental illnesses in a stress-free, supportive and appreciative space.

Our mission is to create a stress-free, supportive and appreciative space for people with mental illness, where they can pursue a self-determined and meaningful activity. These people have a proven enormous artistic potential, which is promoted in the Living Museum and made visible in exhibitions.

Social recognition and the salutary effect of artistic creation itself contribute to the development of a positive identity as an artist.

Our Culture

Peaceful coexistence and mutual respect.

Our attitude is characterized by impartiality, tolerance and appreciation of all living beings. Our interaction is characterized by peaceful coexistence and mutual respect.

We promote the artistic potential of people with psychological
impairments. In this way we recognize the claim to meaningful activity of all people, as well as their right to self-determination and dignity.

Stable relationships and long-term integration into a supporting network counteract social isolation.

Our Contribution

The Living Museum Society drives the dissemination of the philosophy and supports the development of local Living Museum Projects.

The association supports the dissemination of the Living Museum philosophy and the development of Living Museum projects.

Through lectures, publications and exhibitions, we make ourselves known to the public. An international network of all Living Museums is established and maintained.


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