Living Museum Queens

the rambling campus of the Creedmoor Psychiatric Center,
where Lou Reed was treated and Woody Guthrie died, is home to an
unbridled collection of contemporary art, though finding it among the
nearly century-old buildings takes some mettle. Once you enter the gates
at 80-45 Winchester Boulevard, ask someone to direct you to a
faded-brick edifice framed by beribboned trees and ghostly white

THE LIVING MUSEUM, founded in 1983 by Bolek Greczynski,

an artist who died in 1995, and Dr. Janos Marton, 65, who still directs
it, feels like a beehive of beautiful, sometimes unfiltered minds.
Housed in what was the Creedmoor kitchen hall, it has a crumbling,
gothic quality and nurtures scores of mostly outpatient artists who can
be hard to distinguish from the counselors who work with them.

Creedmoor Psychiatric Center

79-25 Winchester Blvd
Queens Village
NY 11427

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