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Mental Health Action Days Canton Solothurn 2021

Mental Health Action Days Canton Solothurn 2021

Hinhören Solothurn

As part of the Mental Health Action Days Canton Solothurn 2021, Solothurn’s old town became a Living Museum from 27 October to 5 November 2021, with the shop windows of various shops being used for exhibition purposes. With this exhibition, artists with a mental impairment are given the opportunity to become visible with their artistic work.

Under the title Living Museum- Kunst in der Altstadt Solothurn (Art in the Old Town of Solothurn), works of art by people with mental illnesses were exhibited in the shop windows of 39 different shops, including works by the artists from the Living Museum Wil.

Along the shop windows of the different shops an art walk could be made in the sense of an alternative city tour. The artworks also caught the eye by chance during daily shopping and encouraged people to visit other shops and immerse themselves in the artistic creations and expressive power of people with a mental impairment.


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