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DAY DREAMS Living Museum Wil 28.3.-11.7.21

Exhibition at the Museum im Lagerhaus St. Gallen

In dialogue with the photographs of everyday life in psychiatry by Willi Keller and Roland Schneider, the Museum im Lagerhaus is showing current artistic work from the Living Museum Wil. The photo portraits as an image of the patient are juxtaposed with patients as image creators.

The living design in the Living Museum Wil will be transferred to the museum in the warehouse and the museum will become a temporary dependence of the studio. In this ‘Living Exhibition’, the artists themselves present their works on the theme of ‘Daydreams’, give introductions and continue to work on site in the exhibition. In direct contact with the artists, the public can accompany the work in progress and is invited to participate. The Living Session Band will play at the opening, further interventions are planned. Let us surprise you!

Philosophical reflections on art
with Mike Pemella. Max. 10 persons, registration!

Event on 31 March must be cancelled due to current Corona regulations

Students from the ZHdK’s Art Education program, Laura Antonieta Stiefel and Bella Tsokieva, offer art education workshops together with Rahel Flückiger. Max. 8 persons, registration!

Event on April 1 must be cancelled due to current Corona regulations

Artist Talk Sarah Bischof with Corina Schleuniger.

The Living Session Band, led by the musician and ‘Ohm41’ artist Renato Müller from Wils, invites you to improvise. Max. 4 persons, registration!

Event on April 17 must be cancelled due to current Corona regulations

Guided tour through the exhibition ‘Through the Lens’ with Willi Keller.

Artist Talk Dr. Rose Ehemann with Antje Kruhl.

Art critic Peter Killer presents drawings by Willi Keller that were created during his time at Burghölzli.

Guided tour of the exhibition ‘Through the Lens’/Roland Schneider with former National Councillor Ruth Grossenbacher, founding president of the Olten Archive for Photography at the Southern Foot of the Jura.

Finissage with museum director Dr. Monika Jagfeld and Dr. Nicole Ottiger with the Living Museum Team.

Tue 11.5.21, 6 pm: Literary tour with chief physician PD Dr. Thomas Maier.
Tue 1.6.21, 6pm: with Daniel Schwarz.
Tue 29/6/21, 6pm: with Simon Schait.
Further exhibition tours
Tues 4/20, 5/18, 6/29/21, 6pm each.


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