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Social Art Revolution at Zurich University of the Arts, 8-10 Sep 2021

The Zurich University of the Arts offers classes to the public through its annual Summer School program. We are delighted to have been invited again to teach on the Living Museum idea.

Art is an excellent means to transform social ills, but also to promote personal development. Its impact goes straight to the heart of society. In places where artists open their doors to people in special life situations, social spaces are created that form identity-forming communities. 

Historical references and examples of social art form the foundation for methods and procedures in establishing such places. The course serves as an introduction and start-up aid for the participants’ own projects as well as an exchange platform for questions of implementation. 

During a one-day excursion to the Living Museum in Wil, the “How to realize your own Art Space” will be vividly conveyed.


Artists (and creatives) from all disciplines as well as art enthusiasts from social (and other) areas who work at the interface of art and social issues and would like to realize their own art project with this goal.


Dr. Rose Ehemann, Leiterin Ateliers, Living Museum, Wil
Prof. Dr. Kathrin Luchsinger, Dozentin «Art Education», ZHdK
Dr. Nicole Ottiger, stv. Leiterin Ateliers, Living Museum, Wil
Prof. Stefan Wettstein, Dozent Art Education, ZHdK

Dates & Times

Mi, 08. September, 9.30–13.00,
Do, 09. September, 9.30–13.00 und 14.00–17.30
Fr, 10. September, 9.30–13.00 and 14.00–17.30

Details + Signup

Please use the link below (For signing up we recommend you contact ZHdK by Email unless you already have a valid ZHdK-Login)


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